Lake Superior, Michigan Tree Ring Print, Ying Yang tree rings, Tree ring art print, 1st anniversary, tree rounds, tree slices, Tree stump


Tree stump print, Tree ring art made from driftwood from Lake Superior in Michigan. Inspired by nature and pressed by hand by Erik Linton.

This is a really unique piece of art because I used two cuts of wood from the same tree to create this mirroring or Ying Yang design. This print is made from driftwood found among the sand dunes of Lake Superior. These pieces of wood often float in the lake for years until they are washed up upon the shore, buried in the sand, and then exposed again after time. Each print is made by hand by printing directly from the wood of the tree. The wood that is used to make the prints is gathered from already fallen trees.

As an artist, my purpose is to reveal the artistry that exists in nature and to present it in a way that is accessible enough to hang on a wall in your home. I also want to bring our attention to our impact on the landscapes that surround us. These tree ring prints help us see our place in a much larger historical context and hopefully each ring makes us reflect on the limited time that we have in this beautiful landscape.

Each print is like a fingerprint from mother nature.

All prints are made by hand using the traditional woodblock method.

This listing:

Material: 100lb acid free paper

Size: 18x24

Type: Driftwood

Paint: High quality textured ink.

Ships in a sturdy tube.

Signed by artist

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