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Ostranenie- The technique of presenting common things in an unfamiliar way in order to enhance perception of the familiar.
One of my missions as an artist is to help people see things that surround us in a different way. The trees that surround us and out live us are constantly writing the stories of the micro and macro environments around them. From the workings of a wood ant to the global climates these trees are full of stories. So, as an artist that makes tree ring prints, I am also a publisher. I publish the stories written in wood. The wood I gather for making my prints is taken only from trees that have previously fallen. I don't cut down any trees to make my tree ring prints. I like to gather my samples from places that have some significance like a National Park, National Forest, a historical site, or some other significant geographic location. While all of my pieces and techniques are unique, the idea of printing tree rings from a cross section of wood did not originate with me. As far as I'm aware, the first person to really perfect the art of a wood cut print of tree rings was Bryan Nash Gill. You can see his work here<br />
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