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Real tree art print. Tree ring art.

This print shows the crotch section of the tree where the trunk split into three main branches.

Counting the rings on a cross-section of a tree trunk from the center pith to the outer bark will tell you how old the tree is. Each year, a tree grows a new ring. You can see where branches were located when the tree was younger by looking for v-shaped notches in the rings. Uneven rings may indicate when a tree had to bend in one direction to get the most sun.

Rustic decor style. Add some texture and style to your walls. Chic style. Made from previously fallen wood.

All prints are made by hand using the traditional woodblock method. Ships within 3-5 business days in a sturdy tube for safe delivery.

This listing:

Material: 100lb acid free paper

Size: 18x24

Type: Black Locust

Paint: High quality textured ink.

Ships in a sturdy tube.

Signed by artist

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Here are some interesting facts about the locust tree. The name locust is said to have been given the name Robinia by Jesuit missionaries, who fancied that this was the tree that supported St. John in the wilderness, but it is native only to North America. The locust tree of Spain (Ceratonia siliqua or Carob Tree), which is also native to Syria and the entire Mediterranean basin, is supposed to be the true locust of the New Testament. As a young man, Abraham Lincoln spent much of his time splitting rails and fence posts from black locust logs. Flavonoids in the heartwood allow the wood to last over 100 years in soil. It is one of the heaviest and hardest woods in North America.
Masons have traditionally considered locust trees as symbols of purity and endurance.
Robinia is now a North American genus, but traces of it are found in the Eocene and Miocene rocks of Europe.

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I gave this print as a gift to my brother, who not only loves nature, but is an artist himself and often prints on slices of wood/tree trunks and also paints trees and tree inspired art. He really loves the print and can’t wait to hang it in his home. The quality of the print is great, as was the customer service I received. Thanks Erik!

Great transaction. Beautiful piece. Would recommend.

They are framed and hanging. They are perfect. Thank you!

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